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What is a copywriter? And what do copywriters do?




Since making the decision to become a freelance copywriter, a question I am often asked is: “What does a copywriter do then?”


Resisting the temptation to give the short answer (“write copy”) or the fantasy answer (“I lie in bed drinking coffee, whilst occasionally blogging), I usually reply by saying that copywriting projects come in many different forms, which is what makes the job so enjoyable.


Being a freelance copywriter allows me to put over 10 years of experience as a journalist, web content manager, and social media practitioner to good use by creating brilliant copy for a broad range of clients.


I have had the opportunity to write articles and reports for print and online publications, I have helped businesses build their brand tone, and I have written scripts for viral videos. One day I can be blogging about the latest trends in mobile technology, and the next day I can be filing match reports on European football matches.


Writing for print


I trained as a journalist, and the principles of writing for various print media that I learned through my degree course have been invaluable in the years since.


My first job after university was at The Press Association, where I took a role as a sports reporter, filing news copy and match reports for national newspapers.


Since then, much of my work has involved copy for digital media, but I relish opportunities to work on newspaper or magazine writing projects, promotional print campaigns for businesses, and press and news releases for all kinds of organisations.


Writing for the web


After becoming a digital sub-editor at PA, I moved into web content management for a number of different firms.


As Head of Content at digital agency Branded3, I helped to build a team of copywriters and content creators that delivered thousands of words of copy every day to support the web marketing campaigns of the agency’s high profile client list.


This role allowed me to develop a deep understanding of search engine optimisation (SEO) and the increasingly important role that content marketing plays in building an online presence for any brand or business.


I have written blogs, feature articles, opinion pieces, and detailed case studies for a diverse range of businesses and organisations, and I feel fortunate to be a copywriter at a time when web content is truly thriving.


Writing for your business


I have written copy for FTSE 250 listed companies, individuals just starting their own businesses, and a huge range of organisations in between. I have worked across sectors as diverse as educational technology, online gaming, health and fitness, travel and tourism, and even garden furniture. Every business needs copy, and I’d love to hear about yours.